Pontoon Party
Big Alice Brewing Company

Pontoon Party

Lager - Mexican
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This is exactly what it sounds like - a boat beer. A beer brewed with the intention to be enjoyed with good company on a warm day either out on the lake, on a beach, in the park, at a cookout, or wherever you prefer to make your favorite summer memories. The Mexican lager style is usually a lower abv lager brewed with some amount of flaked corn. It's brewed to be crisp, clean, and highly drinkable. Think Corona, Pacifico, or my personal favorite, Modelo. The style is great served with a wedge of lime, so we added lime puree during the brew process to give it that refreshing hint we love so much. I'm looking forward to drinking a lot of these with all of you this Summer. This one's pretty straight forward as far as sensory.

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