It all started with a hop farm.

DNYC is an industry disruptor. We are reinventing the industry to better support independent, craft breweries in New York State, the second largest craft beer market in the US with more than 500 breweries.

The vast majority of these breweries are small, family run and underfinanced. DNYC helps small batch breweries to reach consumers across the state, giving you the chance to try delicious beers often available nowhere else besides the brewery itself. 

Freshness Guaranteed

We know there are other places to shop craft beer but only DNYC guarantees freshness in every can. Unlike other retailers, we source directly from breweries, not from distributors. That means higher margins for breweries and better beer for you. Not sure where to start? At DNYC, you can try one of our curated mixed cases or sample beers one can at a time.

There's a lot of great beer being made in New York - we love introducing you to small, independent breweries, new styles and delicious beers.

Supporting independent breweries

DNYC is part of a family of companies working to better support independent craft breweries. In 2010, we launched The Bineyard Hop Farm which now has 6000 plants. The company has since expanded to help small breweries compete against national brands through Third Space Distribution. Drink NY Craft emerged as an extension of that to directly connect brewies with craft beer enthusiasts. We've created a model where everyone wins. We hope you'll join us!