J.J. Bollerack's
Strong Rope Brewery

J.J. Bollerack's

Brown Ale
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The beer that started this entire journey, J.J. Bollerack’s Brown Ale! This is now 100% New York with specialty malt from New York Craft Malt and 1886 Malt House. Strong Rope's award winning Brown Ale, this beer is all about updating a classic American style. Centennial hops and Rye take this chocolatey and toasty ale to the next level of goodness. While the beer has a bit of residual sweetness from the low attenuating yeast used, the hops, rye and darker malts balance out that sweetness making a supremely drinkable and tasty Brown Ale. Named after an imaginary childhood friend of Eric, there is nothing imaginary about the robust flavors and aromas that come through in this wonderful beer.

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