Blood of Gods
Strong Rope Brewery

Blood of Gods

Red Ale
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The "Blood of Gods" by Strong Rope Brewery is an American Amber / Red Ale style beer that stands out for its robust profile and craftmanship. With a 6.2% ABV, it presents a rich malty nose characterized by aromas of caramel, toffee, and toast, balanced by a crisp finish of pine and citrus. This big Red Ale embodies a classic hoppy red ale profile with a subdued aroma that combines dank, piney hops with caramel and toasted malt. The flavor, more pronounced than the aroma, showcases piney-citrus hops with a roast-forward malt character that complements the hops without crossing into IPA territory. It delivers a moderately strong bitterness, which is a bit astringent, ensuring that the beer maintains a distinct character within its style.

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