Blackalicious - Rye
Blackalicious - Rye
Blackalicious - Rye
Blackalicious - Rye
Pressure Drop

Blackalicious - Rye

Barrel Aged - Imperial Stout
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35 IBU
500 ml

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Belgian Imperial Stout Aged in Rye Barrels 

Blackalicious is brewed to highlight the beer’s Belgian yeast and offers the complex flavors indicative of a dark stout. We start with Warrior hops, chocolate and roasted malts, lactose and Belgian yeast.

These traditional ingredients undergo an extended boil to caramelize the sugars and sweeten the beer. The result is a beer that starts with notes of rich chocolate, caramel and brown sugar. You’ll enjoy an extremely full body with mild warmth on the back end and a crisp finish.

At 9.0% ABV, you’re going to need to call an Uber after just a couple of these! You won’t taste it though – our head brewer Karl has mastered the art of hiding ABV. During the first run of this beer, we were listening to the hip hop duo Blackalicious. It seemed like a fitting name for an imperial stout!

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