Keith Lindner - the unlikely brewer behind Underground Beer Lab

Underground Beer Lab came onto the Syracuse craft beer scene like a chemical explosion less than 2 years ago (April 2021). Co-owner Keith Lindner had been homebrewing for a handful of years before entering commercial brewing for Critz Farms that recruited him to launch a line of craft beer. 

Many a home brewer dreams of launching their own brewery but what's unique about Keith is that he was a geography professor with a PhD...a seemingly unlikely person to become a brewer and brewery owner but Keith is quick to share how.

"I took an academic approach to learning how to brew by translating technical information into operations," said Keith. 

Three male co-founders of Underground Beer Lab in Syracuse, NY.

Underground Beer Lab opened with a Brett beer which Keith said he really enjoyed producing. It was brewed during construction of the brewery from wild yeast that Keith had harvested in his home over the course of his homebrewing time. 

Keith says he has no favorite style to produce noting that all varieties have distinct challenges. He disagrees with the widely held sentiment that IPAs are an "easy style" to brew because of the masking qualities of hops and is striving for perfection in each of his brews.

Stacked cans of Underground Beer Lab craft beer.

Reflecting on his early introduction to craft beer, he remembers Saranac Pale Ale and Magic Hat #9 catching his attention and then being blown away by Heady Topper and Pliny the Younger. Things have come full circle for Keith - he's now the one producing beers that are blowing people away. 




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