Haberle Brewing Company - the oldest brewery you've never heard of.

Haberle Brewing Company has been in existence, in some form, on and off since the mid-1800s. The company survived prohibition under the name of Haberle Beverage and Products Co. by selling ice and flavored sodas but other events took a toll on the business at various times in their storied history. 

The original brewery in Syracuse, NY was founded by Benedict Haberle I. His descendent, Benedict Haberle IV, is the current president of Haberle Brewing and is determined to relaunch the brand with the support of the family: Alison Hunt, Thomas Hunt, and Patrick Hunt.  
Haberle historical document

 In 1962, the company then known as Haberle Congress Brewing Company closed it's doors indefinitely. The stress of raising a family and operating the brand proved too much for Alison's father, Benedict Haberle III. From the time it closed until 2019 when she passed away, Winifred, Alison's mother, had always hoped to see the resurgence of company. Alison and Thomas have been nano brewing since early 2000s sharing Winifred's passion but family pressures prohibited them from moving the project forward until their children were also grown.

Haberle Black River Ale bottle in hand

Patrick is now in his early 30s and the family decided it was time. 2022 marks the rebirth of the Haberle brand. In addition to online, you can find Haberle on tap at a retailers in the Syracuse area. Black River Ale is a modern NEIPA recipe under a legacy name and the Derby Cream Ale is the original recipe of the Benedict Haberle Brewery Company.




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