Celebrating Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company: June's Featured Brewery of the Month

This June, DNYC is excited to spotlight Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company as our "Featured Brewery of the Month." Nestled in the heart of Weedsport, NY, Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing is a beacon of creativity and dedication in the New York State craft beer community. This month, we invite you to explore and celebrate the exceptional beers crafted by this family-owned gem.

A Story of Passion and Craftsmanship

Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company was founded by Kristen and Derric Solcum, who turned their passion for brewing and a dream of community building into a reality. With a commitment to small-batch brewing, they ensure that each pint is packed with flavor and character. Their brewery is a place where locals and visitors alike can gather to enjoy innovative beers and friendly conversations.

What Makes Lunkenheimer Special?

At Lunkenheimer, every beer tells a story. They specialize German style Kölsch and Pale Ales, often experimenting with different hops, yeasts, and fruit purees to offer something truly special to their patrons. Whether you’re a fan of robust ales, refreshing lagers, or something uniquely experimental, Lunkenheimer has a brew that will surprise and delight.

Featured Beers This Month

As part of our "Featured Brewery of the Month" celebration, we’re excited to feature some of Lunkenheimer's standout creations:

  • Blackberry Kölsch: Silver Medal Winner at the NYS Craft Beer Competition in 2024.
  • LCB_Blackberry-1.jpg__PID:a387b04b-7555-4ee8-acab-df396eacee2c
  • Elderberry Kölsch: Bronze Medal Winner at the New York State Craft Beer Competition For Fruit & Spiced Beer (Non-Sour) Category in 2020. 
  • LCBC_Elderberry-1.jpg__PID:3a70a387-b04b-4555-bee8-6cabdf396eac
  • Blood Orange Kölsch: Bronze Medal Winner at the Denver International Beer Competition 2018.
  • LCBC_Blood Orange-1.jpg__PID:70a387b0-4b75-45be-a86c-abdf396eacee

Exclusive Offer

To make this month even more exciting, we are offering a 10% discount on all Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing beers. Just use the code LUNKENHEIMER at checkout on DrinkNYCraft.com to enjoy these fantastic brews at a special price.

Why We Love Supporting Local Breweries

At DNYC, we believe in the power of local breweries to bring communities together and create unforgettable experiences through the art of brewing. By featuring breweries like Lunkenheimer, we hope to inspire more people to support and celebrate the craft beer industry and everything that New York State has to offer us.


Join us in celebrating Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Company this June and discover the passion and craftsmanship that make them a standout in the craft beer scene. Remember, when you choose a Lunkenheimer brew, you’re not just enjoying a beer; you’re part of a community that cheers for quality, creativity, and local pride.

Cheers to great beer and the remarkable stories behind them!

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